Period: 1719 March, 2023

ROMEXPO Exhibition Complex
65-67 Mărăști Bld, Bucharest, Romania

B1 PAVILION (interior)

Negustorilor Alley(exterior)

Visiting hours:

Friday Sunday: 10.00 am – 06.00 pm

Total Exhibition Surface: > 12,000 sqm


We are at your disposal (monday – friday, 10:00-17:00) for any request, exhibition inquires or bookings at the following contact details:

Bogdan Hodișan (Fishing): +40743 507 997 

Anca Matiesc (Hunting, Food, Outdoor): +40745 204 444 

Dana Boboc (English): +40741 185 690 


29 Ernest Broșteanu Str , District 1 | Bucharest, RO-010527 

15 Călărașilor Str | Oradea, RO-410195 e-mail:

0040-741-185 690





The biggest exhibition of fishing, hunting, boats and outdoor ever organized in Romania, at its sixth edition, in exceptional safety conditions.

  • The reunion of the most important manufacturers and distributors of specific equipment for fishing, hunting, boats, sporting goods and outdoor.
  • Fishing workshops with famous fishermen, canine presentations and falconry demonstrations everyday between exhibiting hours, on the central stage of the pavilion.
  • Technical pool specially designed for spinning tests.
  • NEW! Swimming pool for fishing bait boats.
  • The Fishing & Hunting Channel Awards Gala
  • Raffle with exceptional prizes

Fishing & Hunting Expo wants to maintain its position as the largest profile event from Romania, the place where the absolute novelties in terms of fishing tackle are launched and tested, but also the space where all the trends of the following year can start.

For the fishermen and not only for them, we have
  • Fishing tackle, accessories and clothing
  • Boats and engines, kayaks and other types of boats
  • Fishermen’s associations and sport fishing clubs
  • Fishing guides
  • Ponds, lakes or other recreational fishing destinations
  • Pensions and tourist mansions
  • Come and taste the multitude of food products made from fish by our partners!

Fishing & Hunting Expo an exhibition in the true sense, with a generous area dedicated to hunting, with international participation at the highest level and with the patronage of authorized institutions.

For the hunters and for the nature lovers we propose
  • Hunting products and accessories (weapons, ammunition, clothing etc.)
  • Hunters’ associations and hunting guides
  • Taxidermy workshops, exhibition of hunting trophies
  • Canine presentations, falconry demonstrations, hunting songs
  • Hunting, safari or other external and internal destinations
  • Pensions and tourist mansions
  • Taste the venison foods made with care, love and respect by our guests